S2 Episode 4: MK Ultra

Ready for something mindbogglingly sinister? Prepare to doubt your government more than you already do as we discuss mind control in this week’s episode! Remember, free will is a gift. Enjoy it while it lasts.

S2 Episode 3: Chemtrails

 S2 Episode 3: Chemtrails

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!…Well yeah, it actually is a plane, but it’s poisonous! Come along as we take you on a short trip through another conspiracy: Chem-trails, those dastardly, suspicious clouds left in the wake of high-flying air craft. Make sure to grab your gas masks.

Episode 7: Le Rougarou

Episode 7 sees us booking our flights and traveling to the swamps of South Louisiana and the forests of Quebec in search of the terrifying rougarou. What evil lurks in the shadows in those two lands? Could it be a Catholic wolf? Come find out in Weird Wednesday #2!


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Episode 6: Hellport

Episode 6: Hellport

In episode 6 we heard your voice and after a VERY close vote from our lovely fans, we give you Wacky Wednesday #2! You wanted another conspiracy and boy howdy did we get one for you. In this episode we’ll explore the hell-scape that is the Denver airport. What lurks inside (other than bad airline food)? Come find out with us.

Episode 5: In the House of Yahweh

Episode 5: In the House of Yahweh

Wicked Wednesday #3 brings us to yet another Texas cult, though this one has much better social media engagement! Join us as we briefly summarize (literally) hundreds of pages of manifesto and learn about the House of Yaweh. Warning: be prepared for horrific misspellings and misunderstandings of eastern religions!

Episode 4: Seeing Double

In episode four, our first Wacky Wednesday lives up to its name. Fall down the rabbit hole into a conspiracy theory revolving around Brazil, doppelgängers, hidden messages, and hilarity as we explore Avril Lavigne's multiple identities.